About FeNAgO

FeNAgO is the evolution of cloud computing. Whether you need virtual machines, docker images, or preinstalled servers and software, our Iron Cloud solution is designed for your most demanding use cases.

FeNAgO cloud infrastructure delivers the power, flexibility, control, and value your business needs to thrive. The fastest, most reliable cloud hardware comes with ultra-simple administration to get you up and running, now. Easy access to bleeding-edge technologies is built-in as standard.

Whatever You Need, FeNAgO Can Help

Virtual Machines

Our naked virtual machines are perfect on-demand customizable infrastructure designed to provide the bespoke applications, databases, and backend infrastructure that demanding businesses need.

Prebuilt Software

We provide complete pre-packed, configured, and optimized enterprise software ready for you to deploy onto a virtual machine with a single click.

Complete Platforms

Our machines create complete platforms for the latest technologies including blockchain, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and serverless environments.

The Power of FeNAgOCloud 2.0

We don’t just provide machines, we provide complete platforms to help your business grow.

Consulting Services

as experts in the cloud computing space, we’ll provide the advice and support you need to create, deploy, and manage the ultimate cloud infrastructure environment, tailored to your exact needs.

Managed Services

devolve your cloud management to us and we look after your virtual machines, docker images, networks, and anything else you need on a continual basis.

Serverless Technologies

based on Apache OpenWhisk, easily deploy serverless environments to allow effortless scaling of computing and data resources in line with your exact needs.

Artificial Intelligence

deploy powerful AI capabilities to your cloud machines to train your AI implementation and develop smart, self-learning computing power.

Machine Learning

the fastest CPUs in the marketplace let you design and run complex algorithms in the cloud to draw out powerful insights and run complex transformations, modelling, and forecasting.

Big Data

frameworks and data management for large datasets to make capturing, analyzing, and acting on big data in the cloud quick and easy through insightful business intelligence.


blockchain platforms designed for open, distributed ledger technologies including cryptocurrency and other blockchain-enabled innovation, powered by HyperLedger and Ethereum.

Enterprise Software

Set up ERP, CRM, HR, productivity, and other full software stack, enterprise-wide applications in minutes and distribute them throughout your company via internet enabled addressing.