About Us

What is FeNAgO?

FeNAgO provides the most simple but feature-rich and flexible solution for the comprehensive management of virtualized data centers to enable private, public and hybrid IaaS/PaaS/SaaS clouds. FeNAgO interoperability makes cloud an evolution by leveraging existing IT assets, protecting your investments, and avoiding vendor lock-in.

FeNAgO is a turnkey enterprise-ready solution that includes all the features needed to provide an on-premises (private) cloud offering while also offering public cloud services.

FeNAgO offers public cloud services that allow you to:

  • Create an Operating System based Virtual Machine in less than a minute
  • Create Enterprise Software
Why FeNAgO?

“Simplicity is an exact medium between too little and too much”, Sir Joshua Reynolds

So you are evaluating FeNAgO and you are comparing FeNAgO with other products to build clouds and appliations, mostly with VMware and with the many enterprise distributions of Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and others. FeNAgO adheres to the goldilocks principle and is the alternative to VMWare and AWS.  AWS is fragmented, and way too complex.  VMware, which is too expensive, too complex and inflexible.  DO, Vultr and the others do not offer the comprehensive supported catalog of Enterprise Software.  FeNAgO is the “just right” solution that offers a complete catalog of software content as well as an intuitive and simple console to work in.

  • Powerful and Innovative: Most advanced and innovative enterprise-class functionality for the management of virtual machines or virtual data centers
  • KVM and Docker Support: Support for commodity and enterprise-grade hypervisor, storage and networking architectures that allow you to use content from the FeNAgO catalog or upload an .iso, virtual machine, or docker image of any format and convert it to the standard KVM / Docker platform
  • Simple: Despite its technical sophistication and advanced functionality, FeNAgO is easy to use
  • Stable: Scalabe, reliabe and performance tested on many massive scalable production deployments
  • Mature: Development driven by user needs and matured through many release cycles
  • Enterprise-class Product: FeNAgO comprises all key functionalities for enterprise cloud computing, storage and networking in a single platform.
  • One-stop Support: We offer support for both the FeNAgO platform Virtual Machines as well as for the business applications that run on the platform
Unique Selling Position

FeNAgO brings a rich and flexible management model and the latest innovations in the cloud space:

  • Cloud Bursting. Create your VM’s inside of FeNAgO and burst into AWS or Azure for backup / Disaster Recovery scenarios
  • On-demand Provision of Virtual Data Centers. A Virtual Data Centers (VDC) is a fully-isolated virtual infrastructure environment where a group of users, under the control of the VDC administrator (you), can create and manage compute, storage and networking capacity.
  • Multiple Zones. Data Centers in multiple locations.
  • Multi-VM Application Management. Automatic execution of multi-tiered applications with auto-scaling.
  • XaaS: Advanced technologies that include BlockChain as a Service (stand up a BlockChain / CryptoCurrency environment in minutes), Big Data as a Service (FeNAgO is a HPC – High Performance Cloud and there is a rich collection of Big Data services pre-built and ready to setup and run in minutes)
4 Concepts that Explain FeNAgO
  • Simplicity : You do not need an army of administrators to manage your virtual machines or virtual data centers. It can be managed by business end users and there are different consoles for advanced users.
  • Reliability : Your servers will run for years with little maintenance
  • Flexibility : You can use the VM templates that FeNAgO provides or upload your own Virtual Machine or .iso
  • Comprehensive : Up to date modern catalog of Enterprise Software that is ready to run in minutes
Benefits of FeNAgO

For the End User

  • Create a Virtual Desktop or Virtual Private Server and access it in seconds.
  • Use Remote Desktop or VNC to access GUIs with minimal setup
  • Access your Virtual Machine through your browser and get to it with a simple internet connection!
  • Keep older hardware and don’t purchase new laptops, desktops or servers. Just use what you have to call your Virtual Machine on FeNAgO and give your FeNAgO Virtual Machine more RAM, CPU, and SSD’s
For the Small Business User
  • Hundreds of Pre-Built ready to run Enterprise Software packages to meet any business use case.
  • Simple User Interface to create powerful software in seconds so you can run CRM, Accounting, ERP, HR, Productivity and many more packages in seconds… all custom branded for you or your company
  • Reduced License Costs because of the nature of our catalog of software – you can build virtually any type of software without the license overhead. For instance, Microsoft Office costs hundreds of dollars per user – we can offer the same for just the cost of your Virtual Machine… and it reads Microsoft Office documents!
  • No Hardware Costs FeNAgO purchases all modern hardware and refreshes both the hardware and software. You can create as many Virtual Machines as needed and size them to your exact size requirements
  • Support Plans if needed
For the MSP
  • Hundreds of Pre-Built ready to run Enterprise Software packages that you can resell and generate monthly revenue.
  • You keep your clients and support them. We do not interact directly with your clients and you can bill them directly or through FeNAgO.  You can sell your customers Virtual Machines, or Hosted Enterprise Software (CRM, ERP, Productivity, etc.) on a service basis immediately.  This will allow you to increase your offering and maintain control over your customers and business.
  • Sell Virtual Hardware instead of physical hardware like laptops, desktops, and servers and increase your monthly revenue instead of a one time cut.
For the Medium/Large Business User
  • Option to Install FeNAgO on premises and reuse your existing hardware
  • Option to create a Virtual Data Center so you can have dedicated and isolated (both physically and network isolation) hardware and virtual machines. You can not only stand up several VMs but you can stand up your entire Data Center in days instead of years and save literally millions of dollars
  • Replace VMWare and VMWare license costs with FeNAgO without replacing your VMs (FeNAgO works with VMWare VMDK images)! You can even run VMWare and FeNAgO Enterprise side by side with same Virtual Machines
For the Infrastructure Manager
  • Faster response to infrastructure needs for services with dynamic resizing of the virtual or physical infrastructure by adding new hosts, and dynamic cluster partitioning to meet capacity requirements of services
  • Centralized management of all the virtual and physical distributed infrastructure
  • Operational saving with FeNAgO you can have server consolidation to reduce the number of physical systems, so reducing space, administration effort, power and cooling requirements
  • Lower infrastructure expenses with the combination of local and remote Cloud resources, so eliminating the over-purchase of systems to meet peaks demands
For the Infrastructure User
  • Faster delivery and scalability of services to meet dynamic demands of service end-users
  • Support for heterogeneous execution environments with multiple, even conflicting, software requirements on the same shared infrastructure
  • Full control of the lifecycle of virtualized services management
For System Integrators
  • Fits into any existing data center thanks to its open, flexible and extensible interfaces, architecture and components
  • Builds any type of Cloud deployment
  • Seamless integration with any product and service in the virtualization/cloud ecosystem and management tool in the data center, such as cloud providers, VM managers, virtual image managers, service managers, management tools, schedulers…