BlockChain in the Iron Cloud

BlockChain and cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing new technologies. Startups and innovative businesses are using this exciting framework to create bleeding-edge applications.

The concept of public, decentralized, democratic applications and development is very attractive to businesses and individuals. There’s just one issue — setting up a blockchain environment for development and launch used to be complicated and time-consuming.

Not anymore.

FeNAgO has developed a complete blockchain ecosystem that’s ready to go. We combine our state-of-the-art, cloud-based hardware with easy-to-use, out-of-the-box blockchain services so you can start developing your own applications and cryptocurrency right now. It’s a complete “BlockChain as a Service” solution.

The FeNAgO Iron Cloud blockchain platform is built on Hyperledger technology, a best-in-class industry approach to let you build blockchain-based applications and cryptocurrencies for whatever your business needs.

Features of the FeNAgO BlockChain Platform

FeNAgO Fabric

Fabric provides the perfect foundation for building blockchain technology, whether that’s applications, cryptocurrency, shared ledgers, datasets, or anything else you need. It uses a modular architecture and approach to provide “Plug and Play” simplicity for building or integrating with applications. Built around container technology and smart contracts, FeNAgO Fabric is the perfect platform for building your own blockchain solutions.

FeNAgO Cello

Cello is a blockchain module toolkit. It allows developers to easily create innovative, customizable blockchain solutions. This means it’s easy to create, manage and terminate blockchains and makes integration with underlying infrastructure simple and easy. It’s a natural extension of the Fabric platform.

FeNAgO Composer

Extending the ideas of Fabric and Cello further, Composer makes collaboration across and between blockchains effortless. Composer lets developers build blockchain business networks that empower smart contracts and blockchain application development. The simplicity and speed of JavaScript combines with test applications to allow fast, iterative testing and development of blockchain solutions.

FeNAgO Explorer

Rounding out the FeNagO blockchain ecosystem is Explorer. This tool can view, invoke, deploy or query blocks, transactions and associated data quickly and easily. It’s extendable to network data (name, status, list of nodes), chain codes and more and can interact with any other relevant information stored in the ledger

BlockChain Ready, Secure Hardware

Security is vital for blockchain development. Our servers combine powerful processors, solid state drive, and gigabytes of RAM with the latest firewalls and data protection for a safe, secure, fast, and responsive environment.

Fast, Easy-to-Use Technology

Create and spin up blockchain development environments in moments. Easily administer your entire blockchain environment from a single interface and build out your entire shared ledger ecosystem in minutes. Spend less time managing and more time creating.

Complete Managed Services

Don’t have time to create your own blockchain environment? We can help. Our blockchain managed services will create the perfect machine learning environment to your exact specifications and then administer and monitor it on your behalf. You and your developers can get on with building the next world-beating blockchain application.

Professional Consulting and Blockchain Creation

A further extension of managed services, our professional consulting and development is a complete, end-to-end blockchain solution. Just let us know what you need and we’ll design the right blockchain ecosystem, create the environment, and even code the solution for you. You have the idea, we’ll make it happen.

Our platform is the complete solution for all your blockchain and cryptocurrency needs. We combine performance, expertise, and simplicity to give you extraordinary value for money and the on-demand blockchain development environment you need.

Customized Pricing

Our innovative pricing system lets you pay in advance or costs out your services based on what you consume. Our pricing calculator <link> lets you create the perfect, bespoke blockchain cloud hosting solution for your business.