FeNAgO — Getting Started is Easy. Scaling Up is Simple.

FeNAgO — Delivering the Dedicated Cloud Hosting Your Business Needs

As your business grows, you need a powerful, scalable, cloud-based infrastructure platform that can keep up with your ambitions. FeNAgO gives you a complete and flexible cloud ecosystem with ready-to-go hardware and software optimization available out of the box.

Whether you need Docker, Big Data, Blockchain, or other technologies, FeNAgO lets you integrate across multiple hybrid and cloud-based platforms, including AWS and MS Azure. Add in on-demand provision of virtual data centers, centralized management of multiple zones, and auto-scaled, multi-tiered application management, and you have the perfect solution for all your business needs.

Naturally, we provide-best-in-class SSD servers, Windows and Linux cloud hosting, VPS, Docker and more, all as part of your complete cloud computing platform.

Benefits of Our Virtual Machine Cloud Hosting

Virtual Private Servers — Naked Virtual Machines

Our naked virtual machines are perfect on-demand customizable infrastructure designed to provide the bespoke applications, databases, and backend infrastructure that demanding businesses need.

Ease of Use

every aspect of creating and running a VM has been designed for speed and efficiency to get you up-and-running, fast.


all our VM Data Centers have best-in-class connections to the wider internet ensuring minimum latency and maximum availability across any load, use case, or geographic location.


all VMs are installed on optimized servers running solid state drives, high-speed Intel CPUs, and fast DDR RAM for superior responsiveness.


customers can create virtual infrastructure for any usage, from individual VMs to dedicated data clusters or entire virtual data centers.


all VMs are easily integrated into your existing infrastructure, hybrid setup, public, or private cloud.

Cloud Hosting — Pre Built Enterprise Software

We provide complete pre-packed, configured, and optimized enterprise software ready for you to deploy onto a virtual machine with a single click.

Fast Setup

Set up ERP, CRM, HR, productivity, and other enterprise-wide applications in minutes and distribute them company-wide via internet-enabled addressing.

Value for Money

Prepackaged software fees come with complete, paid up licensing, often saving you over 90% on purchasing licenses.

Comprehensive Apps — examples of enterprise software includes web meeting, CRM, HR, marketing, accounting, virtual desktop, and much more.

Features of Our Cloud Computing Platform

Effortlessly blending speed, simplicity, reliability, and value, our platform has been designed to give you exactly what you need.

Fast, Simple Setup

Setup a VM in moments. Choose the exact type of VM you need, define its configuration and specifications, log in, and act. Simple.

Effortless Administration

Easily configure individual machines or entire clusters from a comprehensive administration console. Spend less time on VM management and more time working.

Optimize and Integrate

All servers are built to scale and optimized to deliver superior performance across multiple loads. Integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and application layers.

Endlessly Scalable

Works with single windows, Linux servers, VM clusters, or virtual data centers with hundreds of interconnected machines, designed to support business growth.

Accessibility and Speed

Data centers are strategically located in San Francisco, St Louis, Miami, London, and Panama City to maximize speed and responsiveness.

Guaranteed Uptime

Industry-leading service level agreements means we guarantee your VMs will be available wherever and whenever you need them.

Backup and Restore

Backup your VMs at any time with a single click or on a schedule. Restore them to a previous point quickly and easily for your peace-of-mind.

Secure Environment

All VMs are provided from secured data centers protected with state-of-the-art physical and virtual security.

Monitoring and Reporting

Easily see the status of individual machines and VM clusters so you can be sure they are all performing as expected.

Customer Support

Get a support package based around your business needs and budget, from community-driven advice to enterprise-level premium support.

Easy Pricing

A VM ecosystem designed to lower your costs. Access and pay for only the computing power your business needs. Pay on demand or prepay, from only $10 a month.

User Resources

Access to in-depth support guides, together with a complete API for customer created, inter-service communications.

FeNAgO vs. Amazon Web Services and VMWare

We’ve designed our virtual machines and cloud services to provide the perfect blend of simplicity and value. AWS can be complex and difficult to manage at scale, while VMWare is very expensive. FeNAgO also provides a complete suite of ready-to-deploy software solutions, saving you money on your licensing fees.

FeNAgO is made for you — AWS and VMWare are made for vendors. We provide a superior service because we know that’s what your business needs to grow.

Customized Pricing

Our innovative pricing system lets you pay in advance or costs out your services based on what you consume. Our pricing calculator <link> lets you create the perfect, bespoke cloud hosting solution for your business.