FeNAgO Managed Services

Whether you are a large corporation or just a small business, you can benefit from our managed services. With the FeNAgO Managed Services, you can simply focus your resources on meeting your business objectives while we handle your day-to-day cloud service management.

Our Managed Services cover these core areas;


Downtimes are costly, they are major revenue drains. The goal is to reduce such occurrences to the barest minimum or even take them out completely. Our Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) offers a proactive support towards the prevention of issues and a swift repair of events that would otherwise have crippled your business. With our RMM, your business information is protected, there’s security for your data, and your IT expenses are significantly reduced.

Centralized Service Management

Using an Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM) approach, we will manage your SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and hybrid cloud delivery models using our purpose-built software tools and methodologies.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our expert technical team will offer comprehensive preventative software and hardware management through well-planned scheduled maintenance that covers performance monitoring, tune-ups, configuration management, clean-ups, updates and report development.

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

In a world where data is fast becoming the new measure of organizational wealth and worth, it’s becoming imperative to seek comprehensive, yet cost-effective tools and systems for data management, protection, and recovery in the event of a disaster. We offer you a storage platform with tested and tried applications which secures your data while keeping control in your hands.

Customers subscribed to our managed services rather than an on-demand service arrangement get to enjoy a reduced billing system, and this is extended where other professional service needs are concerned too. In effect, subscribing to our managed service reduces the average cost of running your IT infrastructure.

We are the first choice in your search for bespoke managed services. Customer satisfaction is our key priority. We see ourselves as partners, with equally valued stakes as our clients, rather than a mere vendor.