Machine Learning Made Easy

Machine learning is an incredible leap forward for understanding data and getting deep insight into complex areas. Sophisticated algorithms, big data, and innovation come together to provide completely new ways of understanding the world.

If you want to make the most of machine learning you need powerful technology. Harness the strongest processing horsepower, largest capacity, and deepest integration with our cloud hosted machine learning solution.

The Fenago Iron Cloud machine learning platform is built on the Spark Machine Learning Library, a best-in-class industry standard for the most demanding algorithms, datasets, utilities, and extensions. Whether you’re using Hadoop, Java, Python, or a bespoke configuration, our machine learning and cloud hosting gives you all the capabilities you need.

Complete Machine Learning Platform

Known as Prediction I/O, our platform combines the Spark library with infinitely extendable cloud-based machines. You can take advantage of just one instance or create entire machine learning clusters or datacenters.

Powerful, Capable Hardware

Performance is key when you’re using complex machine learning technology. Our servers combine powerful processors, solid state drive, and gigabytes of RAM for the very best responsiveness and availability.

Fast, Easy-to-Use Environment

Create and spin up machine learning virtual servers in moments. Easily administer your entire machine learning environment from a single console and build out integrations quickly. Spend less time managing and more time creating.

Templates and Integrations

Coordinate with a huge range of inputs, outputs, and other virtual and local environments. Easily build machines and algorithms on predefined templates or create multiple iterations that evolve a starting configuration.

Complete Managed Services

If you don’t have time to create the environment yourself, we can help. Take advantage of our machine learning managed services and we’ll create the perfect machine learning environment to your exact specifications.

Professional Consulting and Code Creation

If managed services aren’t quite enough, we can design and create your entire machine learning environment, spin up all of your machines, load your algorithms and integrate the code and datasets you need.

Our platform is the complete solution for all your machine learning needs. We combine performance, expertise, and simplicity to give you extraordinary value for money and the on-demand virtual machine learning environment you need.

Customized Pricing

Our innovative pricing system lets you pay in advance or costs out your services based on what you consume. Our pricing calculator <link> lets you create the perfect, bespoke machine learning, cloud hosting solution for your business.