FeNAgO is designed to eliminate the problem of complexity, rigidity, excess fragmentation, and high costs often experienced with various developer software such as VMWare and AWS. It offers a comprehensive catalog of software content combined with an intuitive and simple console of operation. FeNAgO is highly sophisticated and functional, yet very easy to use.

  • Exceptional Responsive Framework: Offers a high degree of efficiency with outstanding innovative functionality in the management of virtual data and machines.
  • Simple and Highly Sustainable: An incredibly simple structure for easy implementation by professionals and amateurs, even with its industry-level tools and properties.
  • KVM and Docker Support: Provides excellent support for advanced application development commodities like networking architecture and enterprise-grade hypervisor which permit the use of special content from the FeNAgO catalog with very swift conversion capabilities to the standard KVM/Docker platform.
  • Mature: Professionally developed and tested through many release cycles to accommodate the core needs of users.
  • Unitary Structured Design: An all-in-one structure guarantees the efficient tasking of enterprise cloud computing, storage and networking through on the same framework.
  • All-in-one Support: Required support is offered for both the VMs on the FeNAgO platform and the enterprise applications that run on the platform.
  • All-in-one Functionality: In the single FeNAgO platform, all major functionalities for enterprise cloud computing, cloud storage, and networking are available.